3 and Out: Cutler, Cuba, Dwayne Wade

Jay Cutler has to take a deep breath.   Hey, his Q.B. rating for '08 was almost 20 points behind Philip Rivers, who led the league.  Yeah, the same Philip Rivers that Cutler has said he doesn't think much of.  And only Brett Favre threw more interceptions then the 18 tossed by Cutler.   Yet, he gets annoyed when the Broncos entered into trade talks.  His recourse, to request a trade!  Here' hoping he gets dealt to the Lions.

Incredible stat of the night.  Orel Hershiser saying about the Cuba National Baseball team.  Since the early '60's it has appeared in 50 international events, winning 43 and playing in the finals of the other seven.

The NBA Most Valuable Player award is a three-man race among Kobe, Lebron and Dwayne Wade.  The Lakers and Cavs are in a battle for the best record in the league this season.  Wade should not be penalized for playing on the third best team among them.  I know most people don't agree with me on this, but at eam's record shouldn't matter.  Great players are great players no matter where they play.  And actually, a great player surrounded by other good players on a winning team is more likely to have a better season. So the fact Wade has a lesser supporting cast should earn him votes.

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