Trump Seems to Suggest Biden ‘Won' But Later Says He's Not Conceding

Trump has not formally conceded, and the delay is already keeping Biden from receiving high-level intelligence briefings and complicating pandemic planning

President Donald Trump
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump on Sunday suggested that Joe Biden had "won" the presidential election, while saying that the election was rigged — a claim that has been widely debunked.

“He won because the Election was Rigged,” Trump wrote, before falsely claiming that no watchers or observers had been allowed.

It was not clear whether this represented a grudging or accidental concession by Trump that he had lost the election, which he has repeatedly claimed to have won, even after every major news organization declared Biden the victor.

One White House official, asked if Trump was admitting Biden won, said: “It looks like it.”

Asked if the tweet was the beginning of a Trump version of a concession, the official said, “It very well may be” and noted it was the second such signal Trump had sent in recent days. The first was his Rose Garden slip-up, where he mused on the possibility of another administration taking over. And he has also seemed to admit that Biden had won Arizona.

But a few minutes after the tweet, Trump appeared to rush back to Twitter to make it clear he was not conceding.

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