Time's Up for the Supes?

The union that represents most San Diego County workers says it has gathered the signatures of nearly 80,000 registered voters, far more than the 77,837 signatures needed to place a term limits measure for the Board of Supervisors on the June 2010 ballot, according to a published report

The measure would limit supervisors to two terms, reported the North County Times.

"The board of supervisors are out of touch with the people of the county," Service Employees International Union Local 221 spokeswoman Melinda Battenberg said. "The time has come for term limits for these folks who have been in office for more than a decade."

The five current supervisors, Bill Horn, Pam Slater-Price, Ron Roberts, Greg Cox and Dianne Jacob, could each serve two more terms under the plan. Each has been in office since the mid-1990s and each earns $143,000 a year.

Horn, who represents much of North County and is up for re-election next year, told the paper that he believes the union would "like to control the board of supervisors" and that the ballot box, not term limits, is the best way to decide who serves in elective office.

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