There'll Be No SB1070 Debate for This City Council

The Escondido City Council stifled an attempt to condemn Arizona's new immigration law.

Council members voted three to two Wednesday night against opening debate on Arizona's law.

Councilwoman Olga Diaz wanted to pass a resolution condemning the measure. She said it would repair the city's image of being, at times, "racist".

After the meeting, Diaz posted her opinion on SB 1070 on her website expressing the hope that her colleagues will follow her in passing a resolution against the controversial Arizona law. In the end of her remarks, she wrote, "If I stand alone, so be it."

The three who voted against opening debate said doing so would violate a policy that prohibits the council from discussing legislation that doesn't affect Escondido.

Read more in the full article in the North County Times.

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