Gay Slur Reposted to Congressman's Campaign Website

Original post read, "Oh Mary, its so hard to be you" referring to U.S. Rep Scott Peters' challenger, Carl DeMaio

A top aide for a San Diego congressman facing a tough re-election fight apologized Wednesday after the incumbent's campaign website featured a story that used a slur to describe his openly gay opponent/challenger.

The gay slur appeared in a blog post from Americablog that was re-posted on to the website for U.S. Rep. Scott Peters D-52nd District.

The original post read, "Oh Mary, its so hard to be you" referring to Peters' challenger, former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio.

Peters’ campaign manager issued an apology Tuesday saying neither she nor Peters knew about the slur. She said the person who used it was unaware the term was a slur and was never meant to offend someone.

"However as the manager, I take responsibility for it and extend my sincere apologies to anyone who was offended,” campaign manager MaryAnne Pintar said.

The race for the seat in this swing district has had its fair share of smack talk and name calling. 

The National Republican Congressional Committee has put a lot of support behind DeMaio, a moderate Republican, who may be able to garner some Democratic votes to win the seat away from the first-time Democratic congressman.

Dave McCulloch, spokesperson for the Carl DeMaio campaign, issued this statement to NBC 7:

“Carl DeMaio remains focused on issues that matter most to San Diegans, like job creation and fiscal reform - and largely ignores nasty attacks so common in politics today.”

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