Monica's Dentist Boyfriend Takes the Stand

Actor Tom Selleck told the courtroom "I haven't testified in court - except in the movies."

Actor Tom Selleck appeared in a Vista courtroom Tuesday as the first witness called in a jury trial to decide whether he and his family were wronged by the sellers of a competition horse purchased for $120,000 in 2006.

The civil lawsuit accuses Dolores Cuenca of Del Mar of trying to pass off a show horse with a career-ending medical condition as one suitable to ride in high-level amateur competitions. Selleck was looking to purchase the horse for his daughter Hannah, 20.  Within weeks of receiving the horse named Zorro, the Sellecks discovered Zorro's lameness, their attorney said.

Cuenca's defense attorney said steroid injections are par for the course in competitive riding and not evidence of deception. He told the court that the Sellecks didn't do their homework before the sale and didn't check vet records of the 10-year old horse.

Selleck, possibly best known for the 1980s TV series "Magnum P.I." also had a long run as Monica's dentist boyfriend on the NBC sitcom "Friends."

Read more about the lawsuit in the full article in the North County Times.

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