$160M + Surfboard

Jim Grant

Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman took a break from her campaign stop in San Diego on Wednesday to buy a surfboard in Ocean Beach.

The purchase was part of a World Series wager.

The former eBay CEO was in San Diego this week for the 53rd time since late last year. While she was here, she spoke to the employees of Sneak's Kicks, a shoe company that sells its products on eBay, but she also made a stop in the OB and checked out a local surf shop. She spent time chatting up a board shaper/salesman at South Coast Surf Shop on Newport Avenue before making her purchase. Right after she bought a board, she got on the phone, telling people in the store she was calling Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

While she was on her cell, the gubernatorial hopeful from California and the sitting governor from the Lone Star State discussed the World Series, which, as we all know now, is being led 1-0 by the team from California, which, unfortunately, are the San Francisco Giants and not the San Diego Padres. Perry's counter -offer if the Texas Rangers win: a pair of cowboy boots.

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