It’s the Pits

It's out of the city's hands now

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Manny Cedeno

Start praying now because it might take a miracle to save the fire pits.

The San Diego Fire Pit Program is making very little progress in its efforts to raise $173,000 to keep the 186 beach and bay fire pits glowing, according to the Union Tribune.

The city-run program has raised just $1,160 in eight months and the money needs be come in by Dec. 15 or the fire pits will close.  The cost of the pits is primarily for the city to scoop out and maintain them.

The city is tackling a $179 million deficit and talking about laying off police officers and firefighters.

"I love the fire pits, but you need to prioritize," said Debbie Terry, who lives in Pacific Beach told the paper.

The state is going to delay the seasonal return of 10 fire pits at Silver Strand State Beach, which are normally removed at the end of summer and returned by Memorial Day. Next year they will not be back until the Fourth of July.

This year an anonymous donor stepped in and gave $259,500 to keep them running for 18 months and it’s going to take a similar effort if the pits are going to stay around next year.

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