Voters Express Frustration, Sadness Over Unique and Divisive Election

San Diegans were at the polls Monday to voted in-person for the third day in a row

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We’ve never done it like this before.

Some people cast a ballot wearing a Halloween costume. Others voted on Sunday. Thousands more voted in person Monday.

It’s not even Election Tuesday.

We’ve never done it like this before. Between a pandemic and issues that appear to have polarized people more than ever, this might be the strangest election ever.

“Without a doubt,” said Jeff Tarlton after biking over to the Mira Mesa Community Rec Center to drop off the ballot he filled out at home.

San Diego County residents were afforded four days to vote in person. That was after registered voters were mailed a ballot and given the option to return it in the mail.

“I wonder, Are we used to this now," Tarlton said. "Is this the way it’s going to be now?”

“It’s a little scary,” said Paul Barby after he voted with his wife.

Barby witnessed a lot of strained relationships this year.

“There’s no middle ground these days," Barby said. "That’s the problem. There’s two different visions that aren’t really mixible. They don’t really go together.”

“There’s been much more division," Tarlton said. "There’s been clear lines of division. Friends have even stopped talking to one another.”

“I think it’s sad,” Barby said, sighing. “How? Where did we get to this point? It’s sad.”

Tarlton thinks the country will find a way.

“It’s a glitch in time,” Tarlton said. “Even in a lifetime, it’s a glitch in a lifetime.”

We’ve simply never done it like this before.

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