Cashing in on the Sun

A name familiar to San Diegans is running for Governor: Aguirre.

Richard Aguirre announced he's running for California governor as an independent candidate. He is the nephew of former San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre.

The candidate said he wants to use the state's natural resources to generate money and jobs. He wants to start by creating a new energy infrastructure in California using solar energy.

“We're going to build a solar panel factory in California and start making solar panels ourselves as a state and put solar panels on 10 million homes here in California,” Aguirre said. “With the 10 million homes producing a surplus of $200 a month, we'll be bringing in $2 billion of profit a month.”

Richard Aguirre said the profits could then be used to invest in a de-salination plant with surplus water than sold to other states.

The profits, he said, could then be used toward state health and education reform.

Aguirre also promises to back statewide rapid transit between our state's major cities as well as partnering with automotice companies to make electric solar cars. 

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