California Bill Aims to Warn Consumers About Recording TVs

California lawmakers consider first bill in the nation to rein in smart TVs.

A California lawmaker is pushing legislation to give consumers better warnings about a new phenomenon for smart TVs: They can record household conversations without your knowledge.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto was surprised to read in a Samsung user manual that the TVs could capture and transmit sensitive information to a third party if users turned on wireless recognition.

Now, the Glendale Democrat has written the first bill in the nation to rein in smart TVs.

AB1116 requires users be explicitly informed their TVs could record personal conversations and forbids companies from selling stored conversations for advertising.

Samsung says it values its customers' privacy and supports the bill.

Some privacy experts say it won't do enough to protect consumers, relying too heavily on consumer consent.

The bill is before the state Senate.

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