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Thousands Pray, Fast, to Support Prop 8

Huge group turns out at Qualcomm Stadium supporting Prop 8.



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    Thousands gather at Qualcomm Stadium in support of Proposition 8

    Supporters of Proposition 8 gathered at Qualcomm stadium for 'The Call' Saturday. Attendees said they were there to pray, fast, and voice their opinion on Proposition 8, the controversial ballot measure that would ban same sex marriage in California.

    Rene Lotta wore a bright yellow t-shirt that read: You can't change God's law. She said she was at the event to stand up for what's right, and "that is marriage between a man and woman."

    "If we don't stand up for that, I think later on, we're gonna really reap the consequences of allowing same sex marriage. The family is going to fall apart," said Lotta.

    Inside the stadium, a stage was set up on the scoreboard side of the football field. Speakers and musicians performed in front of thousands who were on the field and in the lower levels of the seating areas. Some people bowed on their hands and knees while praying.

    "We are just praying that people will rise up in California and understand that marriage is between a man and woman and every child needs a mom and a dad in their lives," said Penny Harrington.

    One couple, who chose to be identified by their first names only, said the sanctity of marriage depended on the passage of Proposition 8. "We believe in the sanctity of marriage. We don't hate anybody.  We love gays and lesbians, but we definitely support the sanctity of marriage and hope prop 8 passes," said Mike and Becky, who have been married for 40-years.