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Decision 2016

Decision 2016

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Rubios Talk Family, Football and Campaign Sacrifices



    For Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, an ideal Thanksgiving means watching lots of football, according to his wife.

    "He wants to just sit there and not have to move," Jeanette Rubio told NBC News' Natalie Morales in an exclusive interview Wednesday.

    Jeanette revealed that despite an initial wariness, she has thrown her full support behind her husband's rise to increasingly higher public office. On Thanksgiving, it's her husband's turn to compromise.

    "We're going to his sister's house, and then we're going to my sister's house after," she told NBC News. "Which Marco doesn't really like."

    "Cause I miss the games," Rubio sheepishly told NBC News.

    Missing a few games seemed like a small price to pay for the candidate's ever rare free time with family. Rubio told Morales that despite a hectic campaign schedule, he tries to always leave his Sundays open to go back home and see his kids.