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Romney: Process Is Frightening

The former presidential candidate lists everything he views as bad about "Obama Care"



    Romney: Process Is Frightening
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    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is facing criticism from his party about health insurance reform in his state during his time in office.

    Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney used the word "frightening" to describe the passage of historic health care legislation Sunday.

    Romney, who was in La Jolla Monday night to promote his book, "No Apology: The Case for American Greatness" had just that when he discussed what he considered "just a bad" law.

    He said the new law will cost President Barack Obama a second term most likely because of  the process by which it was passed has left a bad taste in voters' mouths.

    "Not a single Republican in the House or the Senate voted for his bill," said Romney, "This is a great departure from the process that is normally applied to a piece of legislation of this scale and significance."

    Recently, Romney was criticized for insisting the health care reform he implemented as governor of Massachusetts was nothing like the health care legislation passed by Congressional Democrats.

    In La Jolla Monday, Romney admitted the portability of insurance was similar but he said the measure was passed through bipartisan approval in his state.

    What can Americans do to repeal the law? Elect Republicans to the House, the Senate and the White House, Romney said.

    Romney met with about a hundred people who waited in line to get a signed copy. His family lives in La Jolla part of the year in their vacation home.