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Results Show Vargas Victory



    Results Show Vargas Victory

    The latest voting results show Juan Vargas has won the primary race for the State Senate seat for the 40th district over Mary Salas.

    Results  posted by the  Registrar of voters from San Diego, Imperial County and Riverside  Counties  indicate that Vargas  has  22 votes more than his opponent.

    The results have yet to be certified by election officials.  Certification of the results is expected by Thursday.

    Juan Vargas and Mary Salas could not be reached for comment.

    The final count comes after a Riverside judge ordered 12,500 mail-in ballots to be counted in the primary election after they were sent to the post office on time but were not delivered to election officials before the voting deadline. 

    A political consultant who did not want to be named said after the results are certified, Salas will have the opportunity to request a recount.  But she will have to pay for that recount which could cost $150,000.