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Filner Guilty of 3 Criminal Charges in Sex Scandal

City to Honor Great-Grandmother Who Filed Claim Against Filner

The day Filner allegedly grabbed her and kissed her on the lips, Peggy Shannon said she went home and cried



    City to Honor Great-Grandmother Who Filed Claim Against Filner
    Peggy Shannon (R) described Mayor Filner's behavior "very disturbing" to her.

    City officials will name a day in honor of a great-grandmother who claims she was harassed by former mayor Bob Filner.

    Monday, Feb. 24  will officially be “Peggy Shannon Day" in the City of San Diego.

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    Shannon was the city hall volunteer who claims Filner kissed her, asked her out several times and allegedly told her “I can go 8 hours.”

    Great-Grandma Joins Filner Accusers

    [DGO] Great-Grandma Joins Filner Accusers
    This latest case is significant - in a laundry list of accusers, a great-grandmother is the second city employee to speak publicly. She alleges verbal and physical harassment inside the lobby of City Hall. NBC 7's Steven Luke reports.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013)

    On July 18, the 67-year-old great-grandmother filed with Equal Employment Investigations Office, claiming that Mayor Filner had sexually harassed her.

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    She has since settled with the city.

    “I didn’t ask for any money,” she said adding that she requested an apology from letter.
    “I’m getting an apology from the city council and to me, that is worth more because I know they really are sorry,” Shannon told NBC 7.

    “It’s going to be a good day for me,” she said.

    Shannon's settlement with the city does not involve any money because she was a city volunteer.
    “I’m not doing it for the money. I didn’t do it for the money to begin with,” she said.

    Shannon said she is still stopped by people in the community thanking her for what she did. She credits her family and friends for supporting her decision to go public with her allegations.

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    Shannon’s claim resulted from her volunteer work at the Senior Citizens Service Desk in the lobby of San Diego City Hall.

    Two weeks ago the City of San Diego settled a $250,000 civil lawsuit brought by Filner's former communications director Irene McCormack.

    In October, 2013, Filner pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment and two misdemeanor charges of battery.

    He was ordered in December to 90 days home confinement.

    Under the terms, Filner was put on probation for three years with six months of custody stayed.

    He must agree not to seek or hold public office, undergo treatment as recommended by a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist and surrender his city retirement.

    For the first 18 months he has to report periodically to a probation officer. If there aren't any problems, he will be unsupervised though still on probation.