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McCain: "We Have to Win" in Afghanistan

Sen. John McCain pushes for a more aggressive approach



    McCain: "We Have to Win" in Afghanistan
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    American troops "have to win" in Afghanistan, Sen. John McCain said Sunday morning.

    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) Sunday morning pressed for a more aggressive stance in Afghanistan, saying the Obama administration should make strides to create a clear-cut timeline for progress in the region.

    The presidential also-ran said on ABC's "This Week" that new Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal should specify exactly how many troops he needs in Afghanistan to "clear and hold" an environment so political and economic advancements can be made.

    "We're facing a very determined enemy that will stand and fight," McCain said. "But as the president described it in the campaign, this is a good war and one that we have to win."

    McCain said he worried McChrystal could be pressured to ask for fewer troops than he actually needs.

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