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Locals Deserve Priority During Admission: State



    Locals Deserve Priority During Admission: State
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    Students study outside their classes on the University of California at Irvine campus.

    California State University campuses are being urged to give priority to students seeking admission to local schools.

    Cal State students have long counted on priority admission to their local campus. But this year, San Diego State became the first of 22 CSU campuses to turn away qualified local students in favor of brighter, more qualified applicants.

    In 2010, the university stopped a program guaranteeing admission for students living south of State Route 56 who met minimum requirements and applied on time.

    There are fears that policy may spread.

    Budget Cuts End Locals' SDSU "In"

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    Getting into San Diego State University will soon be harder for local high school graduates.
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    The state Legislative Analyst's Office on Monday urged the lawmakers to take steps to guarantee the right of all qualified students to enroll in their local CSU campus.

    The San Francisco Chronicle says the Legislative Analyst's Office urges a state law or amendment to the advisory Master Plan for Higher Education to make sure students aren't turned away from local campuses.

    SDSU offers smaller programs to allow guaranteed admissions to certain students at Hoover High School and students in the Sweetwater Union High School District, according to the voiceofsandiego.

    The university also partners with Reality Changers to guarantee admission to any student within the program who makes good grades between their sophomore and senior years, the news site reported.  

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