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Gavin Newsom Campaign Set for "Implosion"?

Newsweek skeptical of Newsom's chances even after an endorsement and appearance from former President Bill Clinton



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    Calling in a big gun like Clinton so early in the gubernatorial race may prove too little, too soon for Gavin Newsom.

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's appearance with former President Bill Clinton in Los Angeles earlier this week went well enough, though time will tell if it attracted the kind of financial support to keep the mayor in the running for California governor.

    A cutting headline in Newsweek promised an "Impending Implosion," citing the fact that while Clinton did once help Newsom finish big in the latter's run for mayor in 2003, starting a campaign with such a big endorsement may just leave the campaign to sputter and fizzle going forward.

    As though knowing that the question would be asked if Newsom was in it for the long haul, the Los Angeles appearance lasted seven hours, and featured Newsom cribbing a quote from none other than motivational money machine Tony Robbins.

    Meanwhile, Attorney General Jerry Brown is in the headlines sticking it to Proposition 8, charming deep-pocketed San Francisco supporters near Newsom's new house, and has open the floodgates to possibly quadruple his already impressive campaign warchest.

    It's almost enough to make a San Franciscan want to stick up for fair Newsom. Or at least stick together their hair in his signature 'do.

    The San Francisco Weekly is asking folks to celebrate Newsom's 42nd birthday on Friday by slathering on as much product as your head can hold and combing it back into the city's most recognizable coiff, then send them the pictures.


    Jackson West wonders what other large group awareness training techniques Newsom plans to unleash on potential voters.