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GOP Strike Gold in Fire Pelosi Effort



    GOP Strike Gold in Fire Pelosi Effort
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    Nancy Pelosi will have a lot more than a birthday to celebrate come Friday.  The Speaker of the House is widely credited for getting this week's landmark health care legislation across the finish line for President Barack Obama.  But it is not all roses for the San Francisco grandmother.

    There is a new and very public move afoot to take away her speaker title, and the funding for the project shows that not everyone in her home state is behind her.

    The website, brainchild of Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, shattered its fundraising goal within hours of its inception. The site is just a day old and has already raised more than a million dollars. 

    Its initial goal was to raise $400,000 in 40 hours. After hitting that goal, GOP leaders reset the clock and kept it going for another 24 hours.

    The GOP focused on the number 40, because that's the number of seats in the House of Representatives the GOP needs to turn from blue to red to take over the House -- and oust Pelosi from her seat as Speaker. The site's slogan is “40 More Seats Means No More Madam Pelosi."

    Of course, not everyone wants to fire Pelosi. Liberal's have been championing her all week, calling her the driving force behind the historic Health Care Reform bill. A columnist at the Economist called her the most powerful woman in U.S. history.

    Still, money has been rolling in for the GOP. And, according to the site, a big chunk is coming from California -- the state ranks in the top ten when it comes to donation totals. It appears a large number of people are willing to fork out their money to show that blue is not the only color in this golden state.

    "Fire Nancy Pelosi" was one of the top Google searches of the week.  You can almost here the cha-ching from here.