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Furloughed Tax Collectors to Cost State $1 Billion?

In California's crazy financial calculus, it's once again one step forward, two steps back



    Furloughed Tax Collectors to Cost State $1 Billion?
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    The cost of producing the latest feature for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of tough guy taking on the establishment may cost California nearly as much as it saves.

    State tax collectors forced to take days off through Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's furlough program for state workers won't be able to keep up with the work -- and may cost the state $1 billion in uncollected tax revenue.

    The state faced a budget shortfall of over $20 billion this year, and any money lost will count against what will likely be another deficit next year.

    The entire furlough program, including forced days off for employees of the tax equalization board, is only expected to save $1.3 billion.

    So, 1.3 steps forward, one step back.

    Maybe the former pot smoker might make the money back again by supporting a tax on marijuana? It wouldn't make California any more of a budget-busting laughingstock than it already is.

    Jackson West can only sigh and exclaim, "Good times!"