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Voters May Face 50 Ballot Measures



    Voters May Face 50 Ballot Measures

    California's voter information packets next year may look more like a novel.  

    To qualify a ballot initiative, proponents must submit an explanation of the measure and a $200 fee. Once approved, organizers have 150 days to obtain the hundreds of thousands of signatures need to qualify for a future ballot.  Signatures of registered voters are based on the number of votes cast in the most recent gubernatorial election.  

    California voters could have dozens of initiatives to consider in 2010, according to the California secretary of state's office.

    "There are, gosh, more than 50 initiatives currently circulating in petitions around California, and another three dozen or so pending, a step behind that, at the attorney general's office," said Nichole Winger of the secretary of state's office. 

    If you're wondering, California's record for the most measures on the ballot was 48, on the November ballot of 1914.