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Doctors Rally Against Insurance Reform

It's a different kind of tea party



    Doctors Rally Against Insurance Reform

    There was no mistaking Saturday's gathering as a Tea Party rally, a conservative spin, and anti-Barrack Obama signs.
    At the rally, many of the remarks were coming from doctors.

    "Everybody feels the country is going to hell in a hand basket," said orthopedic technician Powell Schoggens

    Hundreds showed up to the event, which was organized by two San Diego physicians, one of them Dr. Adam Dorin.

    "The main goal is lets talk about it openly, lets be fair, lets realize that the average doctor and the average citizen is not for it" explained Dorin. "Once we can start from that point, I think we can make a better product."

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    Even Dr. Dorin admits, some of the President's reform ideas are not all bad. He's concerned the current health-care reform plan would hurt the current doctor patient relationship. Dorin says roles traditionally filled by doctors would be taken over by non-physicians.

    "It's creeping up on socialism," said Schoggens. "It's taking away our right, it's taking away our choices and eventually, it's going to take away our health care."

    However, another local doctor says there should be a compromise. San Diego County Medical Society's Dr. Ted Mazer says doctors must find a way to unite and work with congress.

    "The movement that is calling themselves the Doctors Tea Party has one way of trying to deal with health care reform's failures, and that is to repeal it and make believe nothing is wrong or find some way that people will afford health care themselves, Mazer said. "We know that's not a political reality."