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Controversial Mexican Viral Video Targets Candidates

Video already has nearly two million views



    A video released Monday by a group in Mexico that focuses on the crime and corruption in Mexico has gone viral with nearly two million views on YouTube.

    It's sparking controversy because the adult roles are played by child actors.

    The video begins with a child actor playing the role of a businessman. On his way to work, he's immediately robbed and threatened at gunpoint.

    In another scene, those same thugs pay off a corrupt police officer.

    Mexico Violence Viral Video

    [DGO] Mexico Violence Viral Video
    A video going viral may shock you not only because it depicts the violence and corruption that continues to plague Mexico but because of a new twist: child actors are playing all the roles. NBC 7's Tony Shin talks with USD professor Nathan Jones about the video in this report.
    (Published Friday, April 13, 2012)

    There are other scenes where a politician is paid off and protesters are fighting with police in the streets

    There's also a shoot out with a drug cartel and a reenactment of human smugglers dropping off their cargo after illegally crossing into the U.S.

    According to the group "Our Mexico of the Future", the video is supposed to be a message to Mexico's political parties.

    "I think they used children to say children are the future and this is what our children and the next generation could be facing,"said USD professor Nathan Jones.

    Jones is an expert on international relations specifically involving Mexico.

    He says the compelling video is a direct message to the main candidates for Mexico's upcoming Presidential election, to do something about these everyday problems.

    "Change is very slow in Mexico and there is a lot of frustration legislative gridlock and partisan politics just like there is here in the United States," Jones said.

    The group that made this video is backed by several elite Mexican companies, including Semex, which Jones says is unusual.

    He believes it's a sign that the people of Mexico aren't the only ones tired of the crime and corruption.

    "They are very serious about trying to improve the situation in Mexico,"said Jones.