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Filner Guilty of 3 Criminal Charges in Sex Scandal

Local Activist Stands Behind Filner



    Local Activist Stands Behind Filner

    While local leaders are calling for Mayor Bob Filner to resign in the wake of numerous sexual harassment allegations, one local activist wants the mayor to know that he and some other San Diegans are in his corner.

    On Thursday, community activist Enrique Morones led a public gathering in support of Filner and argued that the mayor deserves due process in court.

    Morones told NBC 7 he wants the Democratic party and people of San Diego to know some people still stand with Filner.

    “Bob Filner deserves due process. And, if these allegations are true, they should be handled by the judicial system,” he said.

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    Morones said he’s upset with how the sexual harassment allegations against Filner are playing out, likening the situation to a public execution.

    Morones says Filner is doing some good things for the City of San Diego now, which is what matters.

    He says Filner has stood firmly with him and others on immigration issues when other leaders have not.

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    Now, he’s standing firmly behind Filner.

    “Nobody has really stood out there and said, ‘Hey Bob, we’re standing with you.’ You stood with people of color, you stood with people. You were on the bus when our African American brothers and sisters couldn’t vote. Not only was he on the Freedom Ride, he was arrested. And how many people have done those things? Very, very few,” said Morones.

    Local Teresa Valladolid attended the gathering Thursday in support of Filner saying she too wants due process for the mayor.

    "Before we take the drastic position of removing an elected official from office, we, the voters, need to be informed about the facts and about the issues so that we as voters can make an informed decisions. We ask for fair due process," said Valladolid.

    Morones says he and other Filner supporters will no longer stay silent.

    As for the unidentified sexual assault victims allegedly linked to Filner, Morones says they should break their silence too, and go to the police.