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Carly Concedes

After a night of sleeping on it, Fiorina states the obvious.



    Carly Concedes

    After a night of sleeping on it, Carly Fiorina stated the obvious Wednesday morning in Irvine.  She lost the race to Sen. Barbara Boxer.

    That brings an end to a surprise drama from the two California candidates who didn't want to concede on cue Tuesday night.

    First it was gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman refused to concede to Jerry Brown. Then, Fiorina did the same thing to Boxer.

    Even though both races were called by media outlets across the country, the two wealthy former high-tech giants said not so fast.

    It brought an odd ending to the regular scheduled programming of the November mid-term election 2010.  Meg said "uncle" before midnight telling her crowd, "I just called governor-elect Brown to wish him well. It's time for Californians to unite in the common cause of turning this state around."  

    Fiorina came out and talked to the faithful late Tuesday, but she told everyone to stay as long as they liked, adding that it could be "hours and hours before they knew who won" the senate race.

    Fiorina didn't come back last night, but held a 10:30 news conference to thank folks.

    Raw Video: Barbara Boxer Declares Victory

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    She will remain in the U.S. Senate
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010)

    Boxer ignored Fiorina's initial refusal to concede and gave your typical acceptance speech Tuesday night.  She didn't mention that her opponent had not made the tradition call of congratulations just yet.

    Brown at least acknowledged Whitman's initial refusal to concede, but acted as if it didn't matter much.  It said the count was, "Good enough for government work."