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California's same-sex marriage ban goes before the U.S. Supreme Court

New Poll: More Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Six in 10 California voters now support the right for same-sex couples to marry



    New Poll: More Support for Same-Sex Marriage
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    Same-sex couple Breana Hansen (L) and Monica Chacon kiss as they celebrate outside of San Francisco City Hall on February 7, 2012. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the voter-approved Proposition 8 measure violates the civil rights of gay men and lesbians.

    A majority of California voters now support same-sex marriages according to a Field Poll released Wednesday.

    The results show six out of every 10 voters in California now support allowing same-sex couples to marry, a significant increase since the state voted to ban same-sex marriage a little more than two years ago.

    The Field Poll published Wednesday found that of the 515 registered voters surveyed, 59 percent said they favored extending regular marriage rights to same-sex couples.

    When the state's gay marriage ban, known as Proposition 8, passed in November 2008, the figure stood at 49 percent.

    According to the poll, support for legalizing same-sex marriages extends across many demographic groups and to every region of the state.

    Republicans, voters who described themselves as politically conservative or Protestant, and those ages 65 and over were the only segments that did not have at least half of the respondents backing gay marriage.