Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Drums Up Business in India

Getty Images
Facebook founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg will visit India next week in an effort to promote a more accessible Internet and Facebook itself, according to reports.
Zuckerberg will be giving a keynote address at an Internet.org gathering in New Delhi to make the Internet more accessible and affordable to those in developing nations, according to the Wall Street Journal. He will also meet with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and likely be the ambassador for Facebook which has more than 100 million users in the country.
Several other tech companies have headed to India recently, including Google's Sundar Pichai, who paid a visit to India in September to unveil new low-cost smart phones. "We expect India to be the second-largest Internet market by 2017," Pichai told Bloomberg News. "And it's happening due to mobile."

A recent report said that India's youth will likely push the country into the 21st century and online, the WSJ reported.

Aside from promoting Internet.org, it's likely that Facebook is also promoting itself to its newest customers.

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