No One Escapes Facebook Timeline

Facebook announced that it will be switching all profiles to its new Facebook Timeline in the next few weeks. Users will have a seven-day grace period to clean up their profiles before they go live, or they will simply go live on the seventh day anyway.

Most of the comments from the blog post by Facebook's Paul McDonald were anti-Timeline, but that will not stop Facebook from rolling out the new profile. Facebook first announced the new changes last September, so users should have had plenty of time to absorb the shock -- but comments seemed to indicate otherwise.

" Another stupid, useless, ugly update, you already had it working perfectly, now you're just bored," wrote Scott Nooteboom.

Jonathon Johnson from wrote, "Dear Facebook, You seem to be doing all that is in your power to be like MySpace. Please stop."

Just in case you thought you could escape Facebook's Timeline by using mobile or Android, Facebook also updated that, too. There is no escape, unless it's to Google+.

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