Wuksachi in Winter

Snow, the sequoias, and you on a quiet trail.


ROUND GUESS: You know all about our sequoias and the majestic national park they call home. And you know that getting to the centrally located spot is really pretty easy from most parts of our state (which is why we personally get a bit huffy if someone has called California home for more than a few years but has not made the effort to go visit the largest living things on the planet). But do you have a guess as to how many miles of cross-country trails wend around the huge trees? Ballpark? Over 800. It's an impressive number, and we'll wager that it takes some people by surprise, given the fact that the sequoias aren't always synonymous with skiing. But they are indeed, to the tune of 800 miles, and the Wuksachi Lodge is offering a package just for trail-seeking winter adventurers.

IN FACT... It's called the Winter Adventure Package. It's on through March 31 of next year, it starts at $125 a night, and it included an overnight at the lodge and ski rental, plus some other additions. Done and done and done. We especially recommend it to those people who love their schussing across a flat-ish landscape but haven't yet seen the sequoias in snow. Breathtaking? The word doesn't go nearly far enough.

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