Trazzler Writing Contest


POETIC PLACES: Oh boy. How would we sum up, say, the Palm Springs-close Hadley Fruit Orchards, one of our favorite roadside stops, in about 100 words? Here's are the first few: "We were looking to pick up a date in the aisle of Hadley's. Well. Twenty dates, if possible. Dates we couldn't shake. Except in an ice-cold cup." So. We definitely aren't up for entering this Trazzler contest, but you might be. (Get it? Dates? Hadley's? Anyone?)

THE DEAL: Travel-happy Trazzler is asking people to write up a favorite place or journey or road quirk and make it great and make it short. Like, 65-120 words short. There could be a night at a Fairmont hotel in it for you, if your entry is picked. Like all contests, there is stuff to know before you begin your scribbling, so check out all the details on the writing contests page. Good luck! (Oh, deadline is Aug. 31. Important, that.)

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