Mandalay Bay Chef Cooks Pre-Halloween Feast

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PROJECT DINNER TABLE: The once-and-awhile foodie feast, and its revolving high-caliber group of cooks (many hailing from the top properties around Las Vegas), has landed at some interesting spots. Cashman Field, for one. And outside the El Cortez. Next up: Gilcrease Orchard, on Saturday, Oct. 30. If you're thinking to yourself, "self, I've never thought of an orchard, really, as being something that would be in glittery, go-go-go Vegas," we're here to say we briefly thought that, too. But clearly we need to expand our Vegasian perceptions beyond the big shows and big casinos and remember there are plenty of off-Strip pleasures. Like dinner in an orchard.

CHEF RICK MOONEN: He hails from Mandalay Bay, and will be cooking the pre-Halloween night feast. But alas, it looks like tickets got tight for this event. Who doesn't want to eat in a Vegas orchard? And have a big hotel chef at the helm? So we've got two things to say. One, get on the Project Dinner Table list, so you can jump on tickets fast; next one is Nov. 14. And two, you can visit Gilcrease Orchard on your next Nevada trip. Do a sweet orchard and opulent stage show on the same visit? Recommend.

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