Get a Hotel Room, Ride in a New Jag

WELL, IT'S DECIDED: You'll definitely need a theme song for this one. It can be sort of James Bond, or sort of John Williams, but whatever you choose, if you stay at the Casa del Mar or Shutters at the Beach, you'll have an opportunity to hum it in your head as you're chauffeured about in a gleamy new 2011 Jaguar XJ.

THAT'S RIGHT, CHAUFFEURED: The two Santa Monica-based properties have teamed up with Jaguar to make this a possibility. Not just a possibility, but a *gratis* possibility open to guests. It'll be available on a "first come first served" basis, of course. You'll need to not go extremely far, but just around the area. And we can only imagine it'll be very popular. Especially for guests who live in the neighborhood but who are treating themselves to a night in a hotel. Getting chauffeured by your normal grocery store and doctor's office? High. Style.

OR BETTER YET: Ask the driver to zip you over to the Pier, for a ride on the roller coaster. And then back to your hotel. That's fairly cinematic and theme song-worthy, right? Call either property for more info of the Jaguar rides.

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