Bracebridge Tickets on Sale

The Bracebridge Dinner

AHWAHNEE TRADITION: As far as really famous annual dinners in California go, there are really just a handful, and we'd wager that most are by invitation only (read: the post-Oscar Governor's Ball). But there is one celebrated supper that anyone can attend -- well, anyone with a bit of cheerful cash to spare and a love of medieval jest -- and it has been "huzzahing" at Yosemite's Ahwahnee Hotel since 1927.

THE BRACEBRIDGE DINNER: You know about the Bracebridge. For years, attendees were selected by lottery; now, the theatrical, oh-so-sumptuous dinners take place over a number of nights in mid-December, and anyone can buy tickets. Word just went out that tickets are now available for the 2010 events. Now Bracebridge yourself: A one-night package is $1024. But it is August; surely you can start saving now? Note that the price includes an overnight at the picturesque lodge (there are other packages and price points, too). We'll "huzzah" that. And start putting away our pennies. Er, ye olde ducats.

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