World's Greatest Blog Article: Breaking Records With RecordSetter

Everyone has that talent. Every person can do one thing in a unique way that nobody else can do. Some of these things can be silly, others can be impressive, and a few can be really terrifying or gross. Whatever it may be, it is unique to that individual, and they just may be the best at that specific talent. 

Now, there is a group that not only celebrates this, but also makes sure that it is official public record. However, just because you think that you’re the best at something doesn’t mean that someone else won’t try and do it better. So if you want to prove that you are numero uno, maybe head over to
The idea is that anyone can be the best at something. Whether it’s burping quotes from “Star Wars,” listing the most Beatles songs in 30 seconds, or walking on your hands with your feet crossed, RecordSetter wants to make sure that you are getting the recognition those feats deserve. 
Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson created the group, and their love of all things Guinness (the book, not the brew) grew into an entire web community. 
The rules are simple; if you can prove honestly and accurately what you’re doing has not been done before in the way that you are doing it, they will put it on their website and list it as a record. However, someone perusing the website might see your video and decide to one up you, creating a healthy sense of competition that constantly pushes the community to think of new and unique records to set. They encourage their followers not to waste or hurt themselves in pursuit of online Guinness glory, so maybe you should rethink that “World’s Largest Puppy Explosion” record you were planning on going for. However, if you figure out a way to get the coveted “Most Rainbows Donated to Elderly Orphan Charities”, chances are you’ll get one of the editor’s choice spots on the homepage.
Because really, who couldn’t use a few more rainbows in their life? And if you get a world record out of it, it sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.  

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