#PrayForNice: World Reacts to Bastille Day Attack on Social Media

Some residents of Nice tweeted that their homes were open to those that may need shelter

The celebration and revelry of Bastille Day turned into death and destruction of on Thursday when a truck plowed into a crowd of people celebrating the holiday on the streets of Nice, France.

In the aftermath of the attack that left at least 84 people dead, people offered prayers and support using #PrayForNice on social media.

Some residents of Nice offered their homes to those who may be stranded or in need of shelter by tweeting with #PortesOuvertesNice, meaning "Open House Nice."

The violence started as thousands of people were leaving the beach about 20 minutes after a large fireworks display to celebrate the holiday, said Kevin Motamedi, a doctor from Denver who stopped in Nice on a six-week tour of Europe.

"It was the scariest moment of my life, easily," he said.

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