Wonder Woman Sporting New New Togs After Outcry

There was bound to be a fuss about whatever outfit the new TV Wonder Woman was sporting, but who'd've guessed our friends at NBC would've missed the mark so badly that they'd have to reboot it--both literally and figuratively?

When the first photo of Adrianne Palicki rocking the old new togs was unveiled last week, there were complaints from every corner of cyberspace: The pants were too shiny, she looked like a hooker... that kind of thing.

It was really a no-win situation for the network (we swear we're not taking the company line here). If they had just rolled out a replica of the suit Linda Carter wore in the '70s series, people would've freaked out--How's she gonna fight crime in a bathing suit and heels???

“The original Wonder Woman costume — and, more specifically, Lynda Carter wearing the original costume — is incredibly iconic from a style perspective, so it’s a pretty bold choice to try to update it, said Thread editor Laurel Pinson. "I appreciate that they’ve swapped the hot pants for star-speckled leggings — it seems a more action-friendly outfit, overall — but lowering the bustline on top and using fabric with a lot more shine seems to make this Wonder Woman feel more naked, not less.”

Wonder Woman is a product of a different time, when men didn't think twice about objectifying women, and few women dared to speak out against it. Now, in a more enlightened era, NBC at least tried to put her in clothes. But when DC Comics tried to update her look last June, Nikki Finke of Deadline declared that they'd "ruined" the Amazonian. So what're you gonna do? It's not as though male superheroes are running around in dignified outfits.

NBC is to be commended for at least listening to fans' complaints about the suit, taking the plasticky sheen off her pants and changing her boots from blue to red. But as long as she's running around in a push-up bustier, there will be people unhappy with her look. And when her decolletage finally gets turned down from 11 to 6, the rest of the world will be sad.

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