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Ariel Winter Says Sofia Vergara Taught Her To Love Her Own Body

Winter says she struggled early with body confidence issues growing up in the media spotlight

"Modern Family" star Ariel Winter says she has co-star Sofia Vergara to thank for finding confidence in her body.

"I had Sofia Vergara, for one thing," she said in an opinion piece on "Growing up working with her was amazing because I got to learn from how confident she was in her body, and with her curves."

The young star has become something of a body image advocate in recent years, garnering an impressive social media following while often posting revealing pics of herself. 

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Baby what's it gonna hurt if they don't know?

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Winter says she grew up in the public eye starting on the show when she was just 11 and was "completely flat-chested. Pretty much overnight, I transformed into what I felt like was a completely different person. I suddenly had a D-cup and my body was filling out, and it was really hard for me accept a lot of the criticism I faced online."

Winter, who has openly discussed her decision to get a breast reduction, also talked about the backlash she faced following that decision.

"I got it because I needed it. I needed it, I wanted it, I feel better about myself with it," Winter said. "I feel like I’m the way I’m supposed to be."

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