Wildlife Waystation: Easter Enrichment

The Sylmar animal sanctuary treats its beasties to fun toys and snacks.

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Wildlife Waystation
Tyson peeks inside a colorful box at the Wildlife Waystation.
Wildlife Waystation
Bolero, a resident lion at the 160-acre spread, digs into the pastel-pretty goodies.
Wildlife Waystation
A table of enrichment-themed items await Jade.
Wildlife Waystation
Exotic animals who have been "mistreated" or who are "unwanted" have found a home at the Wildlife Waystation since 1976, when animal supporter Martine Colette founded the Sylmar preserve. (Pictured: Kimbo)
Wildlife Waystation
EMPTY_CAPTION"(O)ver 125 different species" call the expansive property home, including the astounding Mia (who seems quite bewitched by the colorful eggs overhead).
Wildlife Waystation
The sanctuary is funded via donations.
Wildlife Waystation
Want to volunteer? There are several roles to fill, from education to outreach to maintenance and "providing animal enrichment" (as these two volunteers are doing). For more information, visit the Wildlife Waystation's site at wildlifewaystation.org.
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