Why Aren't Americans Included in the Panama Papers?

The 11 million-document leak comes from a Panamanian law firm that helps direct money into shell companies

One of the many remarkable things about the massive Panama Papers leak is what's not there: Americans.

Nowhere among the names of world leaders, famous athletes, billionaires and notorious underworld operatives are any that live in the United States, NBC News reports.

The documents, related to a Panamanian law firm that specializes in creating shell companies for many of the world's richest people, provide a glimpse into how secret fortunes and ill-gotten gains are moved through a shady financial network, according to The International Consortium of Investigative Journalism, which worked with news organizations around the world to analyze the files.

The absence of Americans doesn't necessarily mean that Americans are more upfront, or more law abiding, than their counterparts around the world, experts said. There are a number of possible reasons why none have showed up in the coverage. One possible reason: America is itself a tax haven.

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