Who Knew? We Californians Get Our Bad Ideas From Rick Perry

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Why do I think that helping unauthorized immigrants secure college degree is a good idea? You might think my support is grounded in the fact that the state needs to produce more college graduates and can't afford to have more people living in the shadows.

But I, for one, thinks it's a good idea because Texas Gov. Rick Perry supported a similar policy in Texas.

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Don't believe it? Well, it turns out that California liberals get all their bad ideas from Rick Perry.

 Particularly bad ideas about treating immigrants humanely and in ways that allow them to work, educate themselves and otherwise contribute to society.

This is not a joke.

It's the argument that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney makes in the new web ad (below) attacking Perry.

The ad begins with photos of Perry and Gov. Jerry Brown, and the words, "Where did California liberals get all their bad ideas?"

The ad's answer is Rick Perry. It then suggests that Perry belongs in California. And he does -- this is a state full of swaggering, death-penalty-loving, climate-change-denying, Texas-twangin' dudes.

Just ask anyone.

Few Californians, of course, are willing to admit that they get their ideas from Perry. That's why I'm coming out of the closet. Perhaps others will join me.

In the meantime, someone might try to determine the source of the strange logic of presidential campaign attack ads. Perhaps Boston? Or maybe San Diego? Mitt Romney has homes in both places.

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