Who is Mike Pence, Trump's Potential Running Mate?

Many believe Pence can unite the GOP, but his stance on social issues has left him a polarizing figure in Indiana

By bringing Mike Pence on as his running mate, Donald Trump adds to his ticket someone who offers a background of policy-making and governing experience, according to NBC News. 

Pence served in the U.S. House for 12 years and has carried the conservative torch as Indiana’s governor. Many believe he may be able to unite the GOP and prevent Trump’s rivals from trying to block his nomination at the Republican National Convention next week. 

But his stance on social issues have left him a polarizing figure in his home state. 

Pence was the target of national condemnation last year after signing a controversial “religious freedom” bill many believed would make it easier to discriminate against the LGBT community. He was forced to sign a "fix," which did very little to quell the economic backlash faced by the state. 

He also approved a measure this March that would ban abortions performed because of the fetus’s race, gender or a disability and made the receipt, sale or transfer of fetal tissue a felony. That bill was blocked by a federal judge two weeks ago.

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