Who Is David French and is He Running for President?

French is definitely not a fan of Republican candidate Donald Trump

Conservative "Never Trump" activist Bill Kristol has been courting someone to mount a third-party candidacy for president this year — and this week that potential candidate's name emerged: David French.

French is a constitutional lawyer and National Review writer, and several sources have confirmed to NBC News that he is interested in a bid. He has not, however, committed to running.

French is a conservative thinker, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a co-author of a best-selling book that bills itself as the "definitive book on ISIS."

Perhaps the bigger question is can a relatively unknown private citizen mount a presidential bid in five months against two people who are much better-known: Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump?

One thing that seems clear is he is no fan of Trump being the GOP nominee.

"When I look at Trump, I see a catastrophe in the making," French wrote in a recent column. "And for that reason — among many others — I cannot in good conscience vote for the instrument of national crisis."

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