“What Would I Say?” App Helps Facebook Users Generate Funny Posts


Need help writing a clever, if nonsensical, Facebook status? There's an app for that.

"What Would I Say?" is a status generating app that runs your old Facebook statuses through a bot to generate new posts that are at times funny, confusing and perhaps somewhat familiar.

The app looks simple but the technology consists of a Markov Bot algorithm, which scrambles words and data in a specific manner. Applying it to Facebook statuses yields posts that the developers say could "sound like you!" There is also button that allows users to post the new status on Facebook.

Eight Princeton University graduate students created the app over the weekend at HackPrinceton 2013. One of the developers Ugne Klibaite said she was surprised to see how the Internet has taken to the app. Gawker, Slate and the Huffington Post have all also linked to it.

"This was just for fun," Klibaite told the New Yorker. "We never thought we would get further than showing this off at the Hackathon and to our friends on Facebook."

Check out the app and share your best statuses in the comments section below.

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