What Does an Amazon Tablet Mean for Apple and Google?

Word reached us that Amazon is preparing two new tablets this year to compete with both Android and Apple mobile tabs.

The prototypes are called Coyote, a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform, and Hollywood, a quad-core processor based on the NVIDIA T30, according to Boy Genius Report

While some say that the Android platform is a given on the two tablets, including TechCrunch, some commenters hoped for Windows 7 -- sorry, guys, that's not going to happen. Why else would Amazon open an Android store and try to cut into the music downloads market with its cloud music program?

While I don't think Amazon will be a major competitor for Apple, because products are too diverse, I think it's safe to say Amazon is trying to beat Google at its own Android game. But can a company somehow license a better product than its creator can create? Or will Android eventually start putting so many caveats into production that Google could maneuver Amazon out of the Android tablet business?

Amazon has already shown it can draw customers because of lower prices, so I would expect Amazon to continue to use price as a draw. Now, can Google compete with that?

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