Weekend Watch List: MTV's Big Night

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and start studying for next year’s spelling bee. Never too late to find out how to spell CIOPPINO. Or to eat it. LET’S GO!

2011 MTV MOVIE AWARDS – 9:00PM Sunday (MTV) MTV’s annual “Twilight” infomercial is back again, with Jason Sudeikis as your host and live performances from Foo Fighters and Lupe Fiasco & Trey Songz. “Eclipse” is nominated for 8 awards, while the superior “Inception” is nominated for 7. And it’s gonna be a long, long night for you “Inception” fans. As always, I look forward to the pre-taped bits and perhaps a drunken celeb or two embarrassing themselves on the stage. But as always, I’m not looking forward to screaming audience plants and choreographed moments of “outrageousness.” Looking your way, Eminem and Bruno. ANTICIPATION: POPCORN!

TEEN WOLF – 11:00PM Sunday (MTV) Immediately following the Movie Awards comes MTV’s long-awaited reboot of the “Teen Wolf” franchise. Bill Simmons is crying hot tears of joy into his Wes Welker jersey as we speak. Your replacement for Michael J. Fox is Tyler Posey, and the creators have sworn up and down that this remake will edge more toward real horror, ala “An American Werewolf In London.” But will it have surfing on top of vans? ANTICIPATION: GIVE ME A KEG OF BEER!

VH1 STORYTELLERS: MY MORNING JACKET – 11:00PM Tonight (VH1) One of the best live bands in the universe play a talky set for VH1. If they play “Gideon,” I may well run naked around my block. ANTICIPATION: WATCH ME I’M GOING TO SCREAM IF YOU DON’T!

NIECY NASH’S WEDDING BASH – 11:00PM Tonight (VH1) The former “Reno 911” star gets her own reality wedding special, complete with dress shopping and wedding venue searches. But will she ever atone for “Do Not Disturb”? Because that was a latter day “Herman’s Head”. ANTICIPATION: FRILLY!

RED FACTION: ORIGINS – 9:00PM Saturday (SyFy – an NBC/Universal network) SyFy’s latest schlockfest is based on a videogame and features no hybrid monsters of any kind. But it does have Robert Patrick, which kinda makes up for everything. ANTICIPATION: T-1000!

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