Trump Vows to Protect, Cherish Christian Values

Donald Trump is promising religious activists that he will cherish, protect and defend Christian values like they've "never seen before." 

The thrice-married New York billionaire delivered a speech Friday afternoon at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. It's among the largest gatherings of conservative Christians ahead of the November election.

Trump declared that political leaders have "abandoned" people of faith in America. And he said that today's "media culture often mocks and demeans people of faith."

He made the religious conservatives a promise: In "a Trump administration, our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended like you've never seen before."

Trump also promised to repeal the so-called "Johnson amendment." The law prevents religious institutions and other tax-exempt groups from endorsing political candidates.

On Friday evening, Trump held a rally in Pensacola, Florida, where he said he'd order an attack on Iranian boats if they harassed the U.S. Navy.

He was referring to a recent incident in which Iranian boats harassed a Navy destroyer near the Strait of Hormuz. 

Trump said the boats were "taunting us" and "toying with us." He says if Iran's "little boats" circle our "beautiful destroyers" when he's president, "They will be shot out of the water." 

Trump and Hillary Clinton have clashed over national security for much of the week. Each says the other doesn't have the temperament to be commander in chief.

The New York billionaire added another accusation Friday night, saying, "Personally, I think she's an unstable person."

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