Watch List: And They Call It Cuddy Looove


Welcome to Watch List, where we find five shows on this evening that may be worth staying in for. Who needs pants and showering when you have TV to keep you warm and satisfied? Off we go:


It’s the long-in-the-planning Cuddy episode, in which Hugh Laurie gets a well-deserved break, and Lisa Edelstein and her low-cut blouses take over as the central character for a full episode. Will this work? Will you miss Laurie’s irascible charm as the show spends a whole hour on Cuddy wading through bureaucratic malfeasance? Hey, it beats a whole episode revolving around Foreman and his brother. ANTICIPATION: DEPENDS ON CUDDY’S OUTFITS


This is the one with the guy who gets hooked on morphine, and then has his brain function deteriorate to the point where he loses over $200,000 giving money to every Nigerian email scheme that he gets in his inbox. And here I thought morphine was so nice and friendly. ANTICIPATION: HIGH, TO THE POINT WHERE I’M SENDING MONEY TO NIGERIAN EMAIL SCAMMERS

RuPaul’s Drag Race - 8PM (LOGO)

RuPaul continues her search for America’s next great drag queen. I like that all drag queens use puns as stage names: Hedda Lettuce, Fabs Jansen, and the like. If I were a drag queen, my stage name would be Kat Skeevens. AND YOU CAN’T HAVE IT. I CALLED IT FIRST. ANTICIPATION: UP THERE, EVEN IF YOU WON’T ADMIT IT

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - 10PM (Travel Channel)

Tony travels to the very close and very mild Hudson Valley to sample its wares and eat 30,000 calories a day without gaining any weight. Oh, what I would give to live this man’s life. ANTICIPATION: GIDDY

Heroes - 9PM (NBC)

It’s the season finale. Wait, it is? Well, that’s a bit early now, isn’t it? Anyway, in this finale, Peter helps Sylar. Wait, he does? I clearly have some catching up to with this show. ANTICIPATION: SERIOUSLY, I CAN’T BELIEVE CLAIRE IS DATING A KLITSCHKO BROTHER.

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