Watch an iPad Fall from Space and Survive

A protective sleeve company really wanted to prove how strong it was.


The folks at G-Form wanted to demonstrate how well their Extreme Edge sleeve protects the iPad, so they hooked one up to a weather balloon, and sent it up 100,000 feet to the edge of space. Then the the balloon was popped, and the whole shebang came tumbling back to Earth.

As you might expect, the iPad survived this punishment without missing a beat. What really impresses me however, is that the GoPro camera they used to film the whole thing survived the fall too, and it doesn't appear to have been in any kind of protective case.

Of course any falling object like this will reach its terminal velocity long before reaching the ground, and with a broken balloon flapping behind it the impact speed was probably slower than you might think. Still, I would get nervous if I knocked an iPad off the edge of a coffee table, so it's an impressive demonstration.

I wonder if the GoPro people will want to use the footage themselves?

G-Form, via TechCrunch

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