Victorville ‘Elote Man' Who Makes a Living Selling Corn Is Brutally Attacked

The brutal attack occurred in the corner where Moses Aguilar usually sells his corn.

A man who makes a living selling corn on public roads was brutally beaten in an assault in Victorville.

The brutal attack occurred in the corner where Moses Aguilar, known as "Elote man," usually sells his street corn delicacies. On that day Aguilar changed had actually moved to the other side due to the lack of lighting.

For some years Aguilar has sold corn on the corner of Hughes Road and Rodeo Drive, but last November he said that two people approached him with bad intentions.

"[One] grabbed me from behind while the other tried to give him the sales money. I didn't want to give it to him and that's why they started beating me," Aguilar said.

After being assaulted, the two attackers fled the place, taking not only the sale of the day, but also the confidence that Aguilar had in his workplace.

"I have been selling in this place for four years and nothing had ever happened. In fact, all the people here know me. Now, I will not be able to be sure," Aguilar said.

The police were informed about this case, but the two attackers had already disappeared--described as around 20 to 25 years old.

"We don't know if these two suspects have been involved in other crimes of this nature, but that's why we're looking for them," said Mora Rodriguez, spokesperson for the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department.

The marks of the blows were engraved on Aguilar's face and body, but more than the physical blows, he said that it is the emotional pain that hurt him most.

"Well, one is already afraid that they can return, because you can no longer trust anyone," Aguilar said.

Authorities are looking for the two attackers. The corner where Aguilar usually works looks empty since the day of the attack.

Aguilar told Telemundo 52 that he may possibly return to his selling his corn again on Friday, but this time he will take more precautions.

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